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  1. BF1 will not be available soon at ZLOrigin, unless you don't have BF1 dedicated server files. Yes BFH is good for playing. Download via ZLOrigin.
  2. Vuitton


  3. Vuitton

    Funny stories from cheaters.

    This is small part of the letters sent to me from crying homo-boys , if you have some, please post them here.
  4. Vuitton

    Pycckuu CEPBEP -Metro & Locker-

    Very, very good! But you're not safe soon or sooner i might ask for video again, if i notice that you're playing better than usual!
  5. Vuitton

    More Epicenter Glitchers

    @ZLOFENIX new patients
  6. Vuitton

    Глитч, обнулить.

    No matter you or Agent-Smith put the beacon there, you spawned, you glitched , so you will be wiped.
  7. Vuitton

    Бан за читы

  8. Vuitton

    ogunsaglam, JooOooKee3eer

    @ZLOFENIX ogunsaglam for sure.
  9. Vuitton

    Pycckuu CEPBEP -Metro & Locker-

    Need new video - 30min+ with 4 k/d ( The game round when people start voteban against you you had 4.1 k/d, and they said you use wallhack and no recoil, so please show me 4.1 k/d without wh and no recoil, if you can )
  10. Vuitton

    Pycckuu CEPBEP -Metro & Locker-

    7:31 ???? Hahahahahahahahaha, you will receive christmas gift from me until i dont see 30 min. video from you. Also one more thing - when people start voteban against you why did you left the server ?
  11. Vuitton

    Pycckuu CEPBEP -Metro & Locker-

    I'm waiting.
  12. Vuitton

    Pycckuu CEPBEP -Metro & Locker-

    Where is the video ???
  13. Vuitton

    2 glitch noobs (BF 3)

    а режим ? conquest, rush ?
  14. Vuitton


    @ZLOFENIX , New patients