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  1. This is his second topic about PB Majorrrrrrrr (Sergey121212)
  2. It seems like a situation from type : He is better than me aka probably uses cheat / he have macro mouse & i don't have macro mouse aka he needs to be banned for cheating..
  3. This has become a scenario from the past. Pro + macro players reported others pro+macro players just because there was a lot of competition in farming noobs and making unheard K/D
  4. Macro + no spread = you can kill a player from 150m+ by 2-3 shoots in leg. Damage hack = 1 shot in his toe and he is dead. In this case i think he is using something that reduce the recoil and he is shooting only head for instant kill.
  5. Friendly relationships will not save anyone. But in your videos he is killing you with headshots only, do you know how damage hack works, because i tested every possible cheat in official and i know how it works.
  6. Damage hack ??? , everytime he kill you with headshot

    Pycckuu BAN

    Good aim and reaction thats all. Talk with @WaNdErEr_ROVER
  8. 1st kill - my grandma has faster reactions than you. 2nd kill - AN94 is dangerous from afar, and from close up it is brutal. +ArchxR is kinda living in BF3 , you want to be good player and kill him? Play 5+ hours per day. Learn yourself to shoot mostly in the head. + Macro is only punishable by server admins. Macro is the sweet supplement that gaming mouses offers you.
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