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  1. And yeah I know there is delay between Kills and kill log. I'm waiting for more replies but looks people hate you @ZLOFENIX check him for previous crimes. Kills 484 HEADSHOTS 213
  2. It seems that ZLOFENIX has created some illusion that if you're an old player - you can use cheats and no one will punish you because you're an old player?!??!?!?!?!?!?
  3. Looks like you have a problem with my opinion. For a person who has not appeared in the game for a VERY-VERY-VERY long time you claim to have a lot of knowledge. I played with you in BIG SHOOTER and as far as I remember, your strength was snipers and waiting on the rocks. So please CEHATOP, enlighten me where did your knowledge come from after you haven't been in the game for a long time?
  4. Yup too obvious, 1st video he kills through the smoke 3rd video - almost instant kill. @ZLOFENIX
  5. Go to my documents and delete battlefield 4 folder. Then start Zclient -> ZLOrigin and repair game.
  6. Allowed. Discussion here was for DICE BLACK camo whose only way to get it is if you are DICE DEV, about ZLO - with multi-hack = BAN.
  7. Rural and non-civilized attitudes were shown again. I lock the topic until you calm down.And please think and re-think everything you want to write here. Moshkosh warned but without post prohibition. Stay civilized or you'll be warned and muted again.
  8. True. Looks like he decided to try some new undetected for zlo hacks, just to see is it true undetected and now just keep using it while play. You can also have 1500 hours of playing time but that doesn't justify you.
  9. I like the way how they trying to avoid ban with putting clan names like YT (youtube) like someone gives a f*** 'bout your youtube channel
  10. Better watch the video in youtube 5-10 times and then would be easy for you but ask the server owner to lock it because people like to troll and push nearly button to troll you. Unlocking dice la is in 2 parts. 1st button click at ranked server + collect lamps info then bypass the morse code then i think and unranked server to put the code, i did it at official long-long time ago
  11. There was people who hosted servers only for dice la ask in discord channel.
  12. I don't know what the whole fuss is about. There's might be a bug or something paranormal but server owners decide what to do. Their servers, their rules, their ways of solving problems. If someone doesn't like or accept it -> (Server files are accessible to everyone, download and start your own server, no stress, no drama) #If server owner refuse to stop the plugin and unban your account why you still pushing ? its his decision mano @Sepahbod
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