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  1. Both of players should be banned about the drama they created or NO ONE!
  2. @CEHATOP Warned for spamming in topic : StonedGamer2003. This topic was for the cheater StonedGamer2003 but your rural way of life has manifested itself and engage another player without cause for attention. Do it again and i will warn you again - I DON'T CARE! FOLLOW THE RULES, YOU'RE NOT PRIVILEGED!
  3. You're warned for spamming. Person has to have boundaries and you have none. Stick to the topic and do not interfere with bystanders to help a friend, because you will end up not playing normally in zlo
  4. Guys this is exactly what i explained - YOU BOTH SHOOT ONLY IN THE HEAD, WHAT DAMAGE HACK?? @ZLOFENIX - Both of them Moshkosh and CTAPu4OK are clean but they created a situation for some reasons ( in my opinion they like to farm noobs and when there's more than one good player is not good for them) so or ban them both or lets close the topic. You can see both sides have support from friends, which only speaks for itself.
  5. So the situation is RUSSIA77 trying to save CTAPu4OK and ban Moshkosh. Moshkosh trying to ban CTAPu4OK. Isn't that support from friends???
  6. The only undetected ones are the NEW MULTIHACKS. ESP, 2X DMG, WALL - Detected. MACRO - NO!
  7. In both cases it is observed recoil control and only headshots. If Prison_sex should be banned for this then CTAPu4OK and plenty other will have same destiny as his.
  8. Detected by Fenix's anticheat. tested
  9. YOU WANT TO BE UNBANNED? 1 - Move to a different state. 2 - Destroy your pc and buy a new pc. 3 - Destroy your cell phone, and buy a new cell phone. 4 - Change your last name and social security number. 5 - Use your new cell phone as a hotspot and connect your new pc to the hotspot. 6 - Create a new email address, a new ZLOrigin account and download the games again. 8 - Enjoy raging for 2 hours until you get banned again, because you are stupid.

    BAN SV BF4

    Your videos show that you know what you are doing but most of zlo players never been at official bf4 to see what it's like to play only with people who know what they're doing.

    BAN SV BF4

    It's voteban some low noob started the vote and other noobs confirmed because they don't like the competition and the professional players. #just for the record : most of players here are type - " If you kill him -> accuse you as hacker -> voteban -> you end up banned and they keep playing normal
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