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  1. Очистить кэш (ориджин) DelOriginCache_.bat
  2. This is fresh account, show me some 100 colonel with 1,957
  3. Its bug. Recently they reported a guy from ZLOBF4 with same stuff.
  4. Is not smurf, just patient who needs treatment. @ZLOFENIX
  5. i have multy acc???

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    2. H0RiZ0N


      Stop the lie bro.I asked them in the game to say that they are on the forum !!Do not listen to this kid NNmJYwg.He has a long-standing enemy with me.He was my river once.I can get an airplane ticket for you And bring you to Iran And you are my guest for a few days And you will we see 4 people at the same time??Or you can give us a ticket to come to Russia:cool:

    3. HighSnobiety


      1 - EVERY CHANGE YOU DID TO ACCOUNTS LIKE NAME & IP is staying at forum system. You can change your names and use VPN but i can see your real IP.
      2 - Like i said i did not talked about IN GAME , i talked about forum. 
      3 -  I am not from Russia.

    4. HighSnobiety


      equinoxservers.nl.switchlayer.com :) Why you thinking we're that dumb ? 

  6. OG77raze77, OGblacksails + overdrive - Reza's multi accounts. When you have better proofs, please contact with me to open this topic, about the glitch maybe fenix will help.
  7. Please continue with the civilized tone and language until the situation is clarified.
  8. He was wiped for glitch but now using and speed hack @ZLOFENIX
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