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  1. Excuse my rude but who are you and what the F is this?
  2. Дай мне картину, я помогу тебе.
  3. Headshot is always instant kill. PS - he might use wallhack but need video.
  4. Windows Defender is one big poop, Malwarebytes even worse. The file is clean don't worry!
  5. 03-05-2019 23:07:52 ADOLF-HITLER88 Multiacc
  6. I'm locking the topic until ZLOFenix show up and check the guy for previous crimes.
  7. 0:01 shows kill with one shot hack and 0:15 shows kill without one shot hack. PS: This is random bf3 one shot video from youtube i'm leaving it here for the record.
  8. If you want to fix lag or get more FPS - there is tons of videos how to boost the game.
  9. He might be hacker, might be a farmer (pro player with new account). Without video you can't say there is ONE SHOT HACK. PS: This is hacker reports hackers or hacker reports pro player ? adolfhi*ler8, brandon2011 and Kurtlee(banned for cheating ingame with name SCORPION-KING)
  10. 0:04 - instant kill with RPK (only with no spread/recoil or damage hack is possible)
  11. @ZLOFENIX pure no spread+damage hack.
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