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  1. Like I said he has been blocked multiple times through the vote ban system in Pyckuu Cервер. Why wasn't it blocked by admin -> because every time an admin logged in to the server the2xplayer either logged out from the server or his skills were evaporating and he was just camping
  2. Another "pro" player banned multiple times by vote system for wallhack
  3. I will go undercover these days and check it out.
  4. Just for comparison - if you provide this clip to the active servers in official - such a kill and they will ban the player. Shoots without aim and does not miss
  5. If you ask me - aimbot. If he had hit him with 1 stray bullet - yes but in this case he hit him several times in the head without even aiming. + I stopped playing zlobf4 a long time ago but I remember that this player was always reported for aimbot or wallhack But since zlobf4 is filled with professional players (judging by their beliefs) or for me players with 100+ fps who reap players with 25-30fps.
  6. Because game was cracked long time ago and EA stopped CTE support 1/2 months ago. Maybe FENIX can fix it.
  7. Due to the aging of the game, EA decided to stop CTE support for it and allow players to unlock "DICE BLACK soldier camo". This is from 1 month ago, I'm not sure that the ZLO version is updated with the official one. from official:
  8. If you unlock it with this way - no one will ban you. If you unlock it with cheat,code, trainer - permanent ban.
  9. Its working at official about zlo - idk.
  10. 1 - This is discord conversation. It is not related in any way to the project. 2 - Some time ago I cleared all users with terrorist tendencies here. 3 - If this affects you and your people. Read your country's penal code and, if you find a suitable law or point that can punish him, send it to the competent authorities. PS - Discord also has strict rules and you can report it to them.
  11. Mainly - premium items are in all battlepacks (in zlo) Keep open battlepacks and you will see.
  12. DaBaby

    ban for c4 glitch

    This idiot appears in Official bf3 not in zlo bf3 and I'm pretty sure he got banned in server which is controled by zlogames users. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/chupito0504
  13. DaBaby

    ban for c4 glitch

  14. DaBaby

    ban for c4 glitch

    1 - You have been banned in a server, not in the emulator. 1.1 - YOU DID NOT SAID THE NAME OF THE SERVER. 1.2 - BF3?? BF4??? BFH????? 2 - Only you know which server you played on. 3 - Use your available brain capacity and dig in the forum to find the server and its administrator. 4 - I am convinced that the server has rules and you did not read them - your fault. 5 - The use of a large font obviously compensates for something else. 6 - Bye
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