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  1. Balex

    i wanted to try apex legends

    90% of these crashes are from your pc - TOO LOW PC. Change settings to mega low or get new PC. about battlefied 5 probably never because of new companion system, also from EA/DICE said that they will not grant access to server files by server purchase/rent and they will stay only with Official Servers.
  2. Balex

    Have you been banned? Welcome here! FAQ on Bans.

  3. Balex

    Pycckuu Servers keep kicking me

    999 ping what you expect ? try with VPN!
  4. Balex


    Повторно установить DirectX & драйверы NVIDIA!
  5. Balex

    unban me

    Update punkbuster, use Thurrax launcher or other
  6. Balex

    Epicentr glithers again

  7. Obviously you are irreconcilable. #WARNED.
  8. Balex

    FlinnRaider (One Hit Kill)

    Lets wait for more opinions
  9. Balex

    FlinnRaider (One Hit Kill)

    0.88 k/d
  10. Balex

    Why did you ban me from piccku servers

    PS# - Next time use your other account Afghankiller or i should call you iDC-ReZA-Fight3R
  11. Balex

    Why did you ban me from piccku servers

    Server admins are free to ban whoever they want with and without reason, don't cry!
  12. Balex


  13. Balex


  14. Balex


  15. Balex

    MAXtor NO cheater

    Its PB/GGC ban, not FENIX ban, go talk with PB support.