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  1. Wait until he playing again and record him.
  2. Stay up to date with FAQ - CLICK ME! F.A.Q. about ZClient and ZlOrigin ZClient и ZlOrigin » Support! FAQ about Battlefield 4 forum // Support section // Archive // FAQ about Battlefield 3 forum // Support section // Archive // FAQ about The Sims 4 forum // Support section // Archive // F.A.Q. Problems with Installation and Launching ( It's not for BF3/4 but it is useful) Forum rules » RULES! Before you create a topic, please check out Topics' Archive and use searching at forum. ....few more things News Launchers // ZloLauncher BF4 / BF3 Servers BF4 // Servers BF3 Zlo Battlefield Bad Company 2 servers Topics' Archive. Servers. Launchers Report a cheater in BF4 // Report a cheater in BF3 FAQ on Bans. Misc : Combat League (Clans) // Games // Off-Topic Outdated topic, that can be still useful for reading. Big thanks to Lennie.
  3. Fenix wiped almost or everyone. Then they started doing this with cheat engine, people 1 level with 25000 k/d
  4. In past lots of players used cheat engine to boost their accounts, FENIX wiped most of them but looks not everyone
  5. You cant find topic because no one reported him. END OF TOPIC.
  6. Okay, my vacation is over I'm back and go we're going to back to the old method of work - if you break the the rules - warn , kick , ban. Agressive mood and offensive language are not tolerated. Be good, do good or cry and get banned, PEACE!
  7. 10% from 100% to unlock it from any battlepack, 40% from 100% to unlock it from AEK battlepack. at official BF4 almost everyone unlocked it with last AEK Battlepack (500 kills) but at ZLOBF4 some of players will never unlock it. Why ? I don't know.
  8. You need luck if you not unlock it with the last aek battlepack you will not unlock it at all. You can ask Fenix to wipe your account and start again.
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