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  1. cheater

    oh sheeet xd
  2. zDeface

    Hacker::: zDeface Type of Hack::: AIM Server::: Pycckuu CEPBEP-Metro & Locker Bf4
  3. cheater

    wtf o.o the first one so weird
  4. weird !!

    i knew some of them a lot making an emu like zlo but with lan
  5. Cheater

  6. Cheater

    yep he is using auto spot we played against him last night and we did a vote ban in rusky server locker metro i don't have a video to proof but if meet him again i will do a record but.............. broooooooooooooo this Quality killed my feeling ffs improve u r skills of editing
  7. Why not banned?

    nah he is noob i rekt him every game i met him xD and u r noob pls don't post like those topics
  8. One Shot Hack

    lel hexor xD
  9. mraliahmed432

    so which weapon he killed me i need to guess
  10. mraliahmed432

    Name:mraliahmed432 Cheat:aimbot and weapons ID changer server:NRNS

    cause i rekt you noob? u cry omg he is hacker pfff u r kid go play barbie pfff on you lol kid cry

    well do what you want i don't have hacks and i don't cheat i am not banned by fairfight or punkbuster or GGC stream proof that i am banned and this DBF4 are dumb you knew why they wanted to ban me cause i killed admins in supersic servers soo they want me to get ban in all servers
  13. EAGLE-EYEz

    haxor lol
  14. how do you lower your ping in bf3?

    First buy this Cable , then buy new router i recommend||||99%2C83%2C79%2C99|1| Close all background internet consumption , make a static ip Address and DNS and depend on your location means the distance between you and the server location Done
  15. Stats wipe

    :o my son xD