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    I kinda disagree to this. I have ZLoader too placed in correct folder. When i start ZLoader on first time it says - Nothing to run, but When i launch ZLoader again it launches the game and everything is working fine. It always launches the game on second time :/
  2. Yes i couldn't find in internet too, i searched in russian and english, but there wasn't any download link to that file
  3. Welcome to Paksistan Mother*****, i dont know if this is bad emblem, is it ?
  4. So you have a emblem that you want to add to your Zloemu account but you cant add it because of the requirements? Well i have found a tool (http://www.imagemagick.org/script/index.php) that you can use to convert to emblem 1. Download Photo-to-emblem converter.7z and unzip it anywhere on pc. 2. Put inside that folder your picture. 3. Run convert.bat. 4. Input picture filename and press enter. 5. Done, it will be named emblem_ready.png ,now you can upload as your own emblem. 6. Goto https://bf4.zloemu.net/emblem and upload it. 7. Enjoy.
  5. How about replace files in bf3 folder? https://cloud.mail.ru/public/AiXj/nFn1vj6Vy/bf3/Client.zip
  6. Calm down, just wait ;) , like you used to wait zlobf4 open beta 2 years
  7. try contacting fenix trough zloemu.tk/feedback https://vk.com/themangle
  8. 200 guys playing without zlorigin About 3. How can i contact you? I dont want to tell it here, i still see that zloemu.org/feedback exists, so i can use that?
  9. So as you saw from title, i want to say some problems and suggestion about monolith. Problems: 1. There is something wrong in zloemu.org/status page, if you look bf3 players online (For example: 200), but if you look in Origin, how much players is playing you will see much less (Example:4) 2. Something wrong is with chat in Battlefield 3, sometimes if you press j for chat and press enter to close it, it wont close, it will just stay and you cant even play the game, you will need to restart game to play normaly. 3. There is something else what i want to tell to fenix only, but i dont want to write it here, because many guys will ask me questions about it. I also want to tell my suggestion. Zlofenix could you add that we can change our profile pictures in origin, like emblems for bf4, please because everyone and me dont like that test picture in our zlorigin
  10. this is included with launcher you need to redownload launcher
  11. well did you put all files in the folder ? Zlo.dll? Newtonsoft.Json.dll? Newtonsoft.Json.xml?
  12. Did you replace with new client.zip? If yes then maybe try deleting bf3 settings in documents
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