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  1. Hi there! Just because of your post, i started the bf3 ob server (which is not modified), and guess what i saw there, broken weapons too. It turns out that i have put some command in the scripts that broke the weapons. And all the time i thinked it was the client files that broke it Thankfully it wasn't the client files And this is the command which broke the weapons -Player.EnableAllUnlocks 1 You can test that command too and you will see broken weapons. The best way to see is to use m27 iar in support class, because if you use the command you will have 92 bullets, if not then 46 Sorry to everyone for false information, now i always will make sure what is in the script file before writing bad news to forum.
  2. Hello! Have you tried to join from ingame? esc - team setup - commander If the button is unclickable, then either the gamemode is incorrcect or commander is still disabled. I think there was a console command for commander, but i dont remember. Will give you later if i will find it.
  3. You need to install Visual C ++ 2013: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=40784
  4. Just tested one modification and it worked Also i was able to have my own custom layout.toc At first i used the beta layout.toc. It had encryption, but i used a program to decrypt it. Any changes i did to it and then encrypt it again, the server gave an error, i also had the alpha bf3 layout.toc, it didn't have any encryption, just copied to server/data and the server launched , but when trying to load MP_007, it gave an error "Unknown superbundle", then i did some editing to add MP_007 and it worked. If we could launch the alpha version of the game, i think we could play Caspian Border on it . But its sad that we don't have alpha license The difference between beta layout.toc(decrypted) and my layout.toc(no encryption) Also thanks to bochi loco for his video, how to mod the .sb file, (i remembered that video and thinked "maybe it will work with open beta and it did") the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhDhIx4S8u4
  5. Unfortunately i have bad news too When i loaded MP_007 in the server, i did not look at the other stuff. It seems when we are loading client files, weapons get broken. Some weapons like m4a1 has automatic fire, when they should have burst fire. (can be fixed) Other weapons for some reason like m27 iar has double ammo count. (also can be fixed) I have succesfully extracted the dbx files and when looking at the files, i see the place where it tells to have double ammo count. We can fix it by modifiying the MP_007.sb for the server. It wil be hard :/
  6. Hello! Server owners decide if they want spectator, commander enabled. If i remember correctly you can't join as commander from launcher (i can be wrong) If the server has enabled commander mode, you can join from ingame. Just press esc , select team setup and at the top you will see commander tab. Have fun!
  7. Well this is completely different blaze. It wasn't even made for Open Beta. Actually i did test connecting to server with multiple people (on other pc) and i was able to connect from both pc, i just needed to redirect correctly in the hosts(Maybe you didnt redirect correctly?). There is no point testing this blaze. It would be better to test zlofenix blaze. For example, try to do unusual stuff, which may crash blaze (i remember opening battlepack in hardline, and bfh emulator died), or even find things that are working incorrectly, so then fenix can fix them. Today i tested the difference in performance when using server MP_Subway, and using Client MP_Subway This is what i found It takes much longer to load when using client files When comparing the fps ( When using Server MP_Subway, it was 6000 fps on average) (When using Client MP_Subway, it was 5000 fps on average) Also i am trying to find a way how to switch to other map with console commands i tryed server.loadlevel Levels/MP_Subway/MP_Subway As you see no gamemode server.loadlevel Levels/MP_007/MP_007 also no gamemode If i add anything other to the end of MP_007 or MP_Subway, server just says Unknown superbundle. We need to somehow tell the server, which gamemode to load when switching to other map,but i don't know how to do it
  8. Server files with caspian border (uploaded because i think my tutorial is bad) : https://mega.nz/#!js9XDAbJ!rPIiWBs-EAUVZiTKt8ICbbcsd-DVvN1cCUkfrInstPc Also i think this topic title should be "BF3 Alpha Trial/Open Beta" because we are talking here about beta all the time. what is the point of the tests ? When fenix will make emulator for this beta client, then we can do some tests. (this is just wasting time)
  9. Beta xD Also game says some sort of console is enabled. i have no idea where can i see that console.
  10. No, i did try to take some maps from the real battlefield 3, server didnt like it and gave an error, i looked at the files myself and it seems they are too small, like 7mb a one map (really? ) I think most of the data of the map are located in the Chunks, but im not really sure. By the way i didnt even know what was in my head when i changed two strings in server executable (from linux to Win32). In the moment when i changed them, i thinked "What the hell i am doing, im stupid. This will never work" and it just worked. :DDDD
  11. So, this is how do you get caspian border running without any errors Download server.zip (i did only 2 modifications to server.exe (i changed the string from linux to win32) with hex editor) then extract it in server folder, this is required because otherwise it won't work Create a backup of Data folder in server folder, aswell the server executable (we will need it for later) Copy data folder from the game folder and move it to the server folder In Win32Game.cfg change -level Levels/MP_007/MP_007 and -Game.DefaultLayerInclusion GameMode=ConquestLarge0 Or any other gamemode(To see available gamemodes, open BuiltLevels.json in the server folder) Now Open up Data\Win32 in the server folder Delete everything except folders and default_settings_Win32 and Globals (both .sb and .toc) Now from Backup Data/Linux folder copy Chunks0 (both .sb and .toc) and move it to Data\Win32 It should look like this Have Fun!!!! If you want you can delete the backup data folder if you want (just in case you dont want caspian border anymore xD ) Keep in mind that you cant replace MP_Subway folder with the actual server MP_Subway because you will get an error (you must have both client levels in the server/data/win32 folder) Also your server folder now will be 1,90 GB big, old size was 850-900 MB If you have any questions, ask them, i will try help as best as i can
  12. Great news: By mixing some server files and client files, i got the terrain working perfectly (and for some reason i have low fps, dont wory its not the game, its the drivers which i cant get properly working) Now i dont have much time left, later i will give download link to server files because i dont remember what exactly i did to get it working
  13. I just tested the BF.Main_Win32_Release_server_zlo.exe , it looks like client does not want to connect to it sadly
  14. I just have discovered that its unplayable, its lagging alot, even if you try to fly the jet , you cant even take off from the ground you will crash in invisible wall. Even the server says something isnt right But if you stiil want to do it, then do the following Download server.zip (i did only 2 modifications to server.exe (i changed the string from linux to win32) with hex editor) Create a backup of Data folder in server folder, aswell the server executable Copy data folder from the game folder and move it to the server folder In Win32Game.cfg change -level Levels/MP_007/MP_007 and -Game.DefaultLayerInclusion GameMode=ConquestLarge0 Profit server.zip
  15. I had the wrong game mode on it, thats why it didnt work
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