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  1. -GamePort 48000 -RemoteAdminPort game port and remote admin port cannot be the same port gameport is for players to connect remoteadminport is for procon
  2. @AlmostSoon just because i asked you on youtube does not mean you have to start searching for it in the internet. I only asked you because you mentioned that you have played bf4 alpha back in the day. From what i understand now is that you don't have the license file for bf4 alpha. Well thank you for looking into it Also just noticed that the link for Battlefield Alpha-Beta Preservation discord in this topic is outdated/not working. So here is the permament link for it: https://discord.gg/UKTkhBj
  3. no stats for me aswell i still have my battlepacks and boosts, at the end of the round only scoreboard is visible, no soldier progression, etc.
  4. It is possible to execute bf3 server commands at runtime Well this dinput8.dll (by GreyDynamics) was made for modding purposes, but it can also be used to execute server commands. PUNKBUSTER MUST BE ENABLED Just put the dinput8.dll in your server folder (i don't know if it will work on all server versions (i am using R38)), and then in procon console execute command punkbuster.pb_sv_command YourDesiredCommand Example: punkbuster.pb_sv_command Server.IsDesertingAllowed 1 dinput8.dll
  5. @9XrIsToS9 Im sorry that i was crashing your launcher with my test range server
  6. As i know more than 2xp is banned so Server Admin: TurabAbbasi Server name even says that it is 20xp server https://bf4.zloemu.net/servers?id=6555 And ingame proof: Goto 1:37 to see 99999 score for everyone
  7. I don't know what could be wrong, i already tried this on 2 computers and it worked on both of them. Currently experementing with bf3 server to get console running, i just did the opposite , but it still works and can get gameid, can connect also and play
  8. You are using bf3.exe with ssl check enabled. use this bf3.exe for bf3 server You can also it for game, or bf3.exe from my last post
  9. Now i am going to sleep. I can tommorow write exact steps ;)
  10. I reccomend you guys to use remove sspi because it worked for me without it, maybe that is the problem when trying to run alpha, idk: Windows 10 Patch-SSPI.zip (don't forget to restart pc) also FOR GAME ONLY!!! bf3 760867 ssl check removed: bf3_alpha_760867.exe (i have tested it - works) FOR GAME ONLY!!! don't use it for server hosting, it won't work.
  11. The Blaze shows incorrect data, because it was not created for bf3 alpha.
  12. He means, wait when some server starts to host that mode.
  13. You need to use version 749691, the 760867 does not work. Or you can use my .exe where i disabled ssl (i think)
  14. Initfs_Win32 is not the problem here. The blaze needs to be adjusted to alpha and thats all. Now only zlofenix can save the situation by creating emu for it Also you can start 2 instances in the same computer without vm. You only need to create second account on pc, and start second instance there, worked for me (win10) Can you confirm that now the alpha server started to communicate with blaze, it wasn't like before (instant disconnects)? Just curious if had done ssl check disabling properly
  15. By looking at the differences in open beta "no ssl check exe" and with "ssl check .exe" , i was able to disable ssl check in bf3 alpha trial(i think), but there is a problem - i don't see ingame message in the blaze console. I guess this blaze server is not compatible with alpha trial. Download: bf3.exe for zlofenix if you need:
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