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  1. oh, do u know where can i find another launcher because i searched a lot and couldn't find any
  2. this means that this update is useless ?
  3. it worked for me i put it in the game folder not installer folder but the game needs an update in order to play the game is it going right ?
  4. and what to do after that download the game from zlo origin?
  5. when i try to click on download button for battlefield 4 in zlo origin it starts downloading from the beginning although i changed the location of zlo origin to the main folder of battlefield 4 but it seems it did not detect the game and starts to download from the beginning anyone can help me ? sorry for my bad english thanks in advance
  6. i wasn't use any hacks and get banned because a noob player said i am cheating and other players followed his opinion because i made 120+ kills and only 10 deaths when noob players see a player which has many kills and less deaths they called him cheater that what happened to me at the end i was banned although i wasn't use any hacks and i was a victim to some noob players noobs lose their minds when they see a pro player and in the end called him cheater i thank the admin which believed me and removed the ban i just wanted to say to noobs who judge wrong on someone don't follow t
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