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    1. xxSxx (rank 13, ping 65) 2. wh, aim 3. Русский сервер 4.
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    1. kir109 (rank 86, ping 59) 2. aim 3. Русский сервер 4.
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    Не смеха ради, интереса для: разве Чувашия не является субъектом РФ? А во всех субъектах РФ русский язык обязателен к изучению
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    I did not try it. You can ask fenix
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    Yes, I know exactly the same problem.delete and again add. You must have an email in the folder start server.Use the account for the registry with which you are playing.#acc active#
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    I already had this problem. You should reboot the server. https://bf3.zloemu.net/servers?user
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    Здравствуйте, прошу выдать мут игроку с ником "kuzia" т.к. он уже задолбал, постоянно говорит неприличные вещи про команду, называет всех читерами и вообще он неадекватный. Мы устроим революцию за его мут! (если нужно будет)
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    In the input box you need to enter your login/password from the site zloemu.net
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    Переустанaвливали ZLOrigin или Origin? Попробуйте следующие способы: 1) Установка лицензионного Origin 2) Запуск Sims в чистой загрузке системы 3) Очистка кеша при помощи этого файла
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    Because you are odyssios and still will not play here.
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    Как вариант, перевести сообщение об ошибке. Предусмотрительные люди вывели туда инструкции)
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    Okay, so I think what's happening is that your game is missing multiplayer files. Can you give me the total size of Battlefield 3 folder -- the folder containing bf3.exe? It should be 20 Gb without DLC (only vanilla maps like metro and noshahr) and 32 Gb with DLC. If it's around 15 Gb - you have a version with multiplayer files removed.
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    nick: KalamarCEyo41 Server: Pycckuu cepBep hack: one shot (damage), aim. M39 EMR is 30-43 damage so cannot one shot kill at any range.
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    Laidsvla Зачистил всех.
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    Nickname: StasJordan - на обнуление Laidsvia - на обнуление Denim999 - на обнуление lukirosh - на обнуление Ещё был noob_saybot, но после предупреждения, вроде как понял, остальные проигнорировали и пробыли там тупо ВСЮ игру и задолбали конкретно.
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    Интересно смотреть, как один проклятый макросник выгораживает другого, корчат из себя професионалов, просто бесят макросы Арчера, Варчка , в бф4 у них не выходит, как же там макросы не работают, луган макс яркий тому пример, кликеры еще и оправдываются!
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    И так, я собатирую бунт!))) Очень давно феникс нарыл запуск коопа в бф3, НО, зараза ссылается на свою занятость. Уверен, что 70% игроков проекта даже не знают что это такое. И очень многим будет интересно. А там и моды подплывут. По сему водружаю флаги бунта! Феникс, ну дай ты уже в конце концов. Сколько времени уже прошло. @ZLOFENIX
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    This is small part of the letters sent to me from crying homo-boys , if you have some, please post them here.
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    PROBLEM-SOLVING WITH ZLORIGIN: 1. « An unknown error occurred, restart the program and try again later». « An unexpected error occurred, an application failed» « We are unable to connect to EA servers to activte ... on this computer using your account. Please try again later» «All the games are disappeared from ZlOrigin or "white screen" appeared» Solution: In any cases, do a purge of the Origin cache, run the DelOriginCache_.bat. file below. After clearing the cache you need to check the game files in Zlorigin. 2. While closing ZLOrigin the error message always appears. Solution: Run official Origin and update it up to the latest version. 3. igoproxy64.exe - System Error. The program can't start because .dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem." Solution: From the ZlOrigin folder (C:\Program Files (x86)) delete 2 files igoproxy64.exe and igoproxy.exe. 4. « Origin denied access to file or folder C:\Program Files\Origin Games\The Sims 4\Bin\Core\winhttp.dll». Solution: You should be in Admin mode and anti-virus should be off. 5. "You're Currently in Windows Compatibility Mode". Solution: Right click the ZlOrigin application and then go to "Compatibility". Select nothing in this tab, if you did, just remove them. Restart the computer. 6. Disconnected: critical update required. Solution: Restart PC and run ZClient and ZLOrigin 7. " Origin has encountered a serious problem and must be closed ". Solutions: 1. Clean the cache DelOriginCache_.bat 2. The solution is a complete uninstalling ZlOrigin from your PC. Better use programmes which help to clean registry, such as RevoUninstaller (or others.) 8. While running ZlOrigin there’s an error message «ZLOFENIX EA Universal Crack : Zupdater is too old download new form zloemu.org». Solution: Download ZUpdaterx32.dll, and put it into Zlorigin folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\ZLOrigin) 9. Instead of ZLOrigin, you receive official Origin asking to log in. Solutions: 1. Check how many Zclient there are in the tray!!!! Must be ONLY 1 2. Clean the cache DelOriginCache_.bat 3. Make sure that AV and Defender are turned off . 10. ZLOrigin opens in a tiny window. Solutions: 1. Check how many Zclient there are in the tray!!!! Must be ONLY 1 2. Reboot PC or clean the cache DelOriginCache_.bat 3. Happens that this is a Zclient update bug. Tell us here about it, or in Discord, in case nothing else helps. 11. ZLOrigin is not open, even though zclient is authed. Solutions: 1. Check if there is Origin.exe in Task Manager and remove it. 2. Clean the cache DelOriginCache_.bat. Sometimes you gotta do it everytime before running Zlorigin. 3. Try a clean boot . 12. Error: License is invalid. Reason Code Missing DLL: [msvcp120.dll] Solutions: 1. You need to install all required programs, like vcredist_x64 and vcredist_x86 from Installer folder, that can be found in a game folder. (Default C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4__Installer) 2. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 12.1. How to update Microsoft Visual C++? Link 1 - use search toolbar Link 2 (alternative) Link 3 (alternative) 13. Error: Windows XP or Vista users: due to a security update, you need the newest version of the Origin client to continue. Please uninstall your current version then install the update available. Solutions: 1. Probably, your AV or Defender deleted or blocked Zx32.dll from ZClient folder. Turn off the defense or/and add ZClient folder in exceptions. 2. Remove Zclient files from quarantine. 3. Try to completely delete AV and fully turn off Defender. Also do a clean boot 4. Go to Microsoft Security Essentails>Parameters>Default Actions, and remove a tick from "Apply Recommended Actions"
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    F.A.Q. ZClient и ZlOrigin: Download: ZClient ZlOrigin (mirror) Installation: ZClient ZlOrigin