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    Name:mraliahmed432 Cheat:aimbot and weapons ID changer server:NRNS
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    Name: zDefance server: pycckuu CEPBEP (Metro & locker) type of cheat :Aim + WH
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    Hacker::: zDeface Type of Hack::: AIM Server::: Pycckuu CEPBEP-Metro & Locker Bf4
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    1. longrock30 (rank10, ping260) 2.NRNS 3. wh 4.
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    Hello guys, today I met this little fella called "FURY-ROCK". Now, I am not completely sure if he does hack, but he is so suspicious, I decided to record and well.. see what you think. Quick note: He always kills with headshots, or atleast 99% of the times. 1. FURY-ROCK 2. Aimbot or maybe Aim-Assist and Wallhack 3. [RUS] [email protected] [2XP>ALL UNLOCKED>N.C.] 4. 5. What really made me make all this are the moments @ 01:20, 02:55, 03:04, 03:37 and most importantly 04:03. I asked some players what they think about him or even if they know him and well, some of them say the same as me. He seems shady. Any of you guys agree with me? Or is there anyone who says hes legit? I asked him if hes recording. He said yes but didn't share the name for the whole round. Very suspicious this guy. Correct me, if I am wrong. ~Aero
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    1. nows (rank 20, ping 31) 2. русский сервер all maps 3. много чего 4.
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    Name balbes12345 server : TDM nrns one shot hack https://youtu.be/3T39khaXfzk
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    origin2:// its special protocol to launch game through zlorigin, also official EA Origin use protocol origin://, so they haven't conlict
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    Hello Guys. Server: Server America Latina Player Name: [BBS]Matys I have my Own server for play with some guys.... And those day Punkbuster detect a Cheater on my Server. But in Zlo "Bans" there is not this guy, and he still playing with HACKs in other servers on ZLO... Cheers
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    имя читора- tifyzoeuri сервер - бот сервер От себя добавлю,вот на ботах их ловить и надо.они сначяло там набивают ранг до прапора,потом всплывают на русском и панде.
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    Hello guys, today I want you to introduce one of the scum of this community, 1. hussienaaa 2. It's a type of a "one shot" hack but with knives(?), wallhack and maybe aimbot? 3. [RUS] [email protected] [2XP>ALL UNLOCKED>N.C] and ### NRNS-GAMES.COM EU3 24/7 NOSHAHR CANALS 4. 5. Well couldn't flank, couldn't kill in range. Every 1 vs 1 was a one shot by him and well, you will see what I mean based on the video.
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    name :BerkerTR Hack : aimbot , one shot server : Nrns TDM https://youtu.be/9ABAb8j6i4U
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    1. Plitheon 2. aim, wh 3. WG 4.
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    Nickname: lombada00700 Cheats: aim hack server: [RusClan] Server
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    For me its 107% HACK
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    Nickname: cerny Server: [CLANRUS]Server; map: Operation metro cheats: aim one shot; proof:
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    Player Name : FRAG_SUARD Server: NRNS.GAMES.COM EU#3 Noshahar TDM Hack: ONE SHOT KILL THINGY
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    Name 69yrko69 hack - one shot aimbot server Rus [email protected] (
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    Name Aboras hack - one shot aimbot server Nrns TDM https://youtu.be/VZwyQnfdBDQ thank you
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    first of all i know that the quality is shit but i recored the whole round it is about 28 gb (shadowplay) so i cut it i know iam suck at editing Name:(MVP)Kaus_Bumsen server: pycckuu CEPBEP (Metro & locker) type of cheat :Aim
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    Нихрена тут нет ни в первом видео, ни во втором, ни в третьем, и конечно в четвёртом, и естественно в пятом. Минусуйте, снимайте ВИПа, баньте. Насрать. Последний раз я высказался на форуме по поводу читеров. Сами в этом болоте возитесь. Всем пока
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    Nickname: VictorNicol Cheats: aim hack Server: [ClanRus] Server
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    @joni2321 скорее ты баран. Игрока с таким ником нет в bf3. А если он есть и ты говоришь, что читер, то
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    Server admins ban for macro if they want it depends on them!!!!!! This ban is from BF4DB Official # 2 | 24/7 HC Locker | Powered By G-Portal ( OFFICIAL ORIGIN ) , AND IS BAN FROM SERVER ADMIN, NOT BY ANTICHEAT OR OTHER SYSTEM, WITHOUT VIDEO PROOFS AS ALWAYS!! WITHOUT VIDEO PROOFS IS BLACK HOLE ---> DON'T REPORT PLAYERS WITH BANS FROM ORIGIN SERVERS!
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    NEGAN__IS__BACK is a pro player
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    well do what you want i don't have hacks and i don't cheat i am not banned by fairfight or punkbuster or GGC stream proof that i am banned and this DBF4 are dumb you knew why they wanted to ban me cause i killed admins in supersic servers soo they want me to get ban in all servers https://www.247fairplay.com/CheatDetector/negan__is__back
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    " Panda back !! " After a few hours from now Panda server will be onlline
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    C:\Users\zbroc\Downloads\Cheats\ESP BF4 CERRAOSSO.exe Not looks like cheatengine for me. Gtfo, liar and cheater.
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    @Brendo ок мы сошлись во мнении и тему нужно закрыть до феникса, он сам напишет даже в закрытой теме KausPro, жаль,что я редко тут появляюсь здесь (для тебя радость) ты мразь, читерная мразь @ZLOFENIX в понедельник сам лично тебе напомню, спасибо
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    [10.12.2017 13:15:30] VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) #79748: longrock30 (slot #18) Violation (MULTIHACK) #79748 [dfa54883889f5b03cc71fbbb0d94bbd2(-)]
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    i know the quality is shit but i was in hurry to spot him oh i forgot something he always join in midnight when most of the servers are empty
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    this quality this quality this quality
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    gsaTVgamer, забанен с форума. В перекупку ноута не верю по 2м причинам минимум.
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    Можно закрывать
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    creep video is another proof
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    donate 5.000$ and you will take a mega-super-dope premium pass for it.
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    Ты меня поразил)) я не стерпел и вышел из игры после таких ваншотов)) а ты до конца держался МОЛОЧИК) Уважуха
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    @Mopoz Well, without Videomaterial or similar you cannot proof anything here. As long you cannot provide more info on that case, you cant call him cheater. Many "pros" on zloemulator indeed use tools like macros (either by tools or programs like the mouse drivers for example). In that case zlo wont ban him for "macro using". If you really have a proof against him, share it here and the Zlomoderation Team and Zlofenix can review it. Then they can decide on it.