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    Ну лан, забанил обоих.
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    1. Nickname: Ahmed_lol 2. Server: Русский 3. Чит: one shot hack Доп. инфо: Так же там играл читер под ником sinayy - возьмите на заметку. Был в моей команде поэтому не заснял.
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    1. Читерасты: Repnet and Macan1927 2. Repnet - полный набор: аим, ваншот, вх Macan1927 - aim bot 3. Cервер: НРНС - Каналы. Если с первым всё очевидно, однозначно и понятно, то вот у второго я и мой друг увидели только аим бот. Кто что думает по нему напишите. Просто на фоне первого уеб@на остальные казались просто пупсиками и лапулями. Возможно, кто-то играл с ним и его запомнил. Я вижу аим.
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    I tried this but I also continue with the problem
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    Запущен новый сервер по игре Battlefield Bad Company 2 на Zlo эмуляторе. Количество слотов сервера 16 Время работы сервера 24/7 Желающие поиграть в старый добрый BFBC2 - присоединяйтесь! P.S. Моя особая благодарность ZLOFENIX за техническую поддержку сервера!
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    ZClient is not opening. I ran as administrator but no process is started. I've deactivated the entire defense system. I already downloaded ZClient again and the same problem occurred. Please help me.
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    Ай молодец сразу двоих хуипутал.Феня оформляй смело,аим у обоих.
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    Господа, админы, отстрапоньте пожалуйста. Читаки оба однозначно. Когда все на сервере голосовали против другого читераста Picasso332, Macan1927 - единственный, кто голосовал против. Читак читака...
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    ник нэийм-John_Ryder чит-аим сервер-Русский сервер От себя-в третем отрезке он меня не убил,так как двери зделаны так что голову,если ты сидиш невидно,рандомно он меня перестрелять не смог.
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    If someone can give me access to pc with teamviewer for this evening - i can try to fix it. Drop me id and pass from tv to mail admin@zlofenix.org
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    very sad to hear that bro zlo in the earlier days was like heaven for the gamers who cannot afford to get games alot of good players left now very sad
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    Spectator mode is off cause the admins wont you catch cheaters lol i asked before why they off this option the answer is like we don't give a f** so Zlo is dead lol
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    I tried, but continues with the same problem.
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    he is a cheater he use something like aim lock or any kind of cheat i tried to take a video from spectator Mode but the spectator didn't Run i don't know why he always play in pycckuu server and wargate Mix he put ACOG Scope on snipers
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    Reply like man dude your hiding behind you phone and insulting let the Boss fenix say his word if he lie or says the truth you never grow up as i see wew
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    1. C:\Users\wikihow\Desktop\battlefield_4_v10update_1_plus_11_trainer_x64\battlefield_4_v10update_1_plus_11_trainer_x64\Battlefield 4 v1.0-Update 1 Plus 11 Trainer x64.exe 2. 3. This trainer can remove recoil, overheat, etc - which may work in mp, thats why its banned. Also game has own gui, so its not possible to tell which game mode runned. In both modes game connects to emu. And Greeen is user, not admin.
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    Yes, banned, thx.
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    Hi Just want to know if this guy is the same guy who banned before 2 weeks [ Named Elmayeh]
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    G i completed xdDDD yeah its bad cause we are fasting so if he kill me i see this wew
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    1. Ник: Carloszbr 2. Чит: one shot hack 3. Русский сервер All Maps А сейчас моё любимое: левел 2, кд 8, скилл 1,8, точность 6% . Найс.
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    Hi guys my first time here . I had downloaded bf3 about 3 months ago and i played it well and everything was fine . Now i have started it and it just says cannot connect to the master server . I checked on this website for the first time and i couldn't understand what was going on . So please could anyone tell me that either the old version is not available to play anymore or i have to download a new patch for my bf3? pls help guys my exams just ended and i'm dying to play this game